• Partnership Opportunities

    We are actively seeking partnering opportunites for our lead product candidate and other immunotherapy products.

    For Deramvir, we are open to partnering with pharma companies to complete development work including:
    - respond to the FDA request for additional information for our Breakthrough Therapy Submission
    - joint procuct development, including a pivotal Phase IIB trial of DermaVir, to be conducted in the US and EU with a patient population of 300. Primarly enpoint would be immunogenicity, viral load recution and further expansion of our safety database
    - licensing opportunites of Dermavir on a regional or global basis

    Our goal is to file FDA requested documents in 2018 with the stated goal of receiving Breakthrough Therapy Designation and/or fast-track designation.

    In addition to Deramvir we are also open to pharma cooperation rto develop further products based on our technology platform, inlcuing preclinical, and Phase I-I/II trials for:
    - cancer
    - HPV
    - Mage
    - Allergy and more.

    Please email us to discuss partnership opportunities: EMAIL HERE