• Cancer Clinical Work

    We are establsihing a comprehensive cancer development program to address all licensed cancer types. As on January 30, 2019 we are working on the following indications and their associated milestones:

    Phase I
    Pivotal Trial
      - Glioblastoma        
      - Prostate Cancer        
      - Colon & Rectal Cancer        
      - Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma        
      - Endometrial Cancer        
      - Stomach Cancer        
      - Bladder Cancer        
      - Cervical Cancer        
      - Lung Cancer        
      - Thyroid Cancer        
      - Leukemia        
      - Breast Cancer        
      - Kidney Cancer        
      - Ovarian Cancer        
      - Liver Cancer        
      - Myeloma        
      - Lip-oral Cavity Cancer        
      - Oesophagus Cancer        
      - Brain Cancer        
      - Gallbladder Cancer        


    The first two cancers to be addressed are Glioblastoma and Prostate Cancer. We anticipate initiating Phase I trials for both of these indications in Q3 of 2021.