• Dermall

    Allergic diseases are caused by a pathogenic Th2-type immune response which can be induced by different allergens. Our preclinical stage produc candidate, DermAll, is intended to suppress pathogenic immune response in allergic people by boosting allergen-specific Th1-type immune response. This new mechanism is expected to restore a balanced Th1/Th2 immune activity that is normally characteristic for people who do not have allergic reaction. With the DermAll Portfolio we will target several different allergies, the first target being House Dust Mite (HDM), since we have already collected preclinical animal data for this indication. This data suggests that DermAll-HDM treatments can suppress allergic sneezing by balancing Th1/Th2 immunity, as predicted.

    For allergies immune therapy offers a vastly different treatment option with disease-modifying potential as compared to traditional symptomatic treatments. The major limitations of present immune therapies include serious safety concerns and cost of treatment, therefore conventional symptomatic treatments continue to be the more popular option (Datamonitor 2010). DermAll Immune Therapy addresses both of these limitations using our proprietary API design to obtain a product with clinically proven safety features, and cost effective manufacturing technology.

    We published our preliminary findings in Nanomedicine. For abstract please click here