• DermaPrep

    Dendritic cell targeting is very important for the efficacy of antigen-specific immune therapies (therapeutic vaccines). State of art dendritic cell-based immunizations target the antigen into cultured dendritic cells. To improve such logistically cumbersome ex-vivo approaches we have developed DermaPrep, the world's first dendritic cell-targeting administration device.

    Unlike ex vivo technology, our immune therapy products can be manufactured in sizeable batches and administered topically with DermaPrep. One immunization procedure only takes 20 minutes and after three hours the patient can removes the patch.

    DermaPrep uses a simple skin preparation method that interrupts the stratum corneum, facilitating the epidermal penetration of our nanomedicine applied on the skin's surface, underneath our unique patch.

    The Langerhans cells, located in the skin under our patch, then look for pathogens and 800,000 of them has the chance to capture our "pathogen-like" nanomedicine and deliver it to the local lymph node(s).

    In the lymph node these Langerhans cells mature to antigen-presenting dendritic cells. These cells in turn secrete cytokines to induce Th1-polarized antigen-specific precursor/memory T cells that further differentiate into effector and killer cells.